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"That is what deconstruction is made of: not the mixture but the tension between memory, fidelity, the preservation of something that has been given to us, and, at the same time, heterogeneity, something absolutely new, and a break." (Deconstruction in a Nutshell)

"The only attitude (the only politics--judicial, medical, pedagogical and so forth) I would absolutely condemn is one which, directly or indirectly, cuts off the possibility of an essentially interminable questioning, that is, an effective and thus transforming questioning." (Points...Interviews, 1974-94)



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Recommended Books:

Acts of Literature
by Jacques Derrida, Derek Attridge (Editor)
Our Price: $20.99

Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas
by Jacques Derrida, Michael Naas (Translator), Pascale-Anne Brault (Translator)
Our Price: $11.96

by Jacques Derrida, Thomas Dutoit (Translator)
Our Price: $11.96

Archive Fever : A Freudian Impression
by Jacques Derrida
Our Price: $12.00

Deconstruction in a Nutshell : A Conversation With Jacques Derrida
by Jacques Derrida, John D. Caputo (Editor)
Our Price: $14.36

by Jacques Derrida, Barbara Johnson (Translator)
Our Price: $17.95

The Ear of the Other : Otobiography, Transference, Translation
by Jacques Derrida, Christie McDonald (Editor), Avital Ronell (Translator), Peggy Kamuf (Translator)
Our Price: $9.60

Edmund Husserl's Origin of Geometry : An Introduction
by Jacques Derrida, John P. Leavey (Illustrator)
Our Price: $11.20

The Gift of Death
by Jacques Derrida, David Wills (Translator)
Our Price: $8.80

Given Time : I. Counterfeit Money
by Jacques Derrida, Peggy Kamuf (Translator)
Our Price: $14.00

by Jacques Derrida, Richard Rand (Translator), John P. Leavey (Translator)
Our Price: $45.00

Limited Inc.
by Jacques Derrida, Gerald Graff (Editor), Samuel Weber (Translator)
Our Price: $15.95

Margins of Philosophy
by Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass (Translator)
Our Price: $16.95

Memoires for Paul De Man : The Wellek Library Lectures at the University of California, Irvine
by Jacques Derrida, Cecile Lindsay (Translator), Jonathan Culler (Translator)
Our Price: $20.00

Memoirs of the Blind : The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins
by Jacques Derrida, Pascale-Anne Brault (Translator), Michael Naas (Translator)
Our Price: $26.00

Monolingualism of the Other; Or, the Prosthesis of Origin
by Jacques Derrida, Patrick Mensah (Translator)
Our Price: $10.36

Of Grammatology
by Jacques Derrida, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (Translator), Derrida Jacques
Our Price: $19.95

Of Spirit : Heidegger and the Question
by Jacques Derrida, Bennington, Bowlby (Translator), Rachel Bowlby (Translator), Geoffrey Bennington (Translator)
Our Price: $9.60

On the Name
by Jacques Derrida, Thomas Dutoit (Editor), John P. Leavey (Translator), David Wood (Translator)
Our Price: $14.36

Points . . . : Interviews, 1974-1994
by Jacques Derrida, Elisabeth Weber (Editor), Peggy Kamuf (Translator)
Our Price: $15.96

Politics of Friendship
by Jacques Derrida, George Collins (Translator)
Our Price: $16.00

by Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass (Translator)
Our Price: $8.00

The Post Card : From Socrates to Freud and Beyond
by Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass (Translator)
Our Price: $26.00

by Jacques Derrida (Editor), Gianni Vattimo (Editor), David Webb (Translator)
Our Price: $12.76

Resistances of Psychoanalysis
by Jacques Derrida, Pascale-Anne Brault (Translator), Michael B. Naas (Translator)
Our Price: $11.96

The Secret Life of Antonin Artaud
by Jacques Derrida, Paule Thevenin, Mary Ann Caws (Preface)
Our Price: $12.80

Specters of Marx : The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning, and the New International
by Jacques Derrida, Peggy Kamuf (Translator), Stephen Cullenberg (Introduction), Bernd Magnus (Introduction)
Our Price: $16.99

Speech and Phenomena and Other Essays on Husserl's Theory of Signs
by Jacques Derrida, David B. Allison (Translator)
Our Price: $17.95

Spurs : Nietzsche's Style : Eperons Les Styles De Nietzsche
by Jacques Derrida, Stefano Agosti, Barbara Harlow (Translator)
Our Price: $10.00

The Truth in Painting
by Jacques Derrida, Ian McLeod (Translator), Geoff Bennington (Translator)
Our Price: $24.00

Writing and Difference
by Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass (Translator)
Our Price: $15.00

Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques Derrida's "Specters of Marx"
by Michael Sprinker (Introduction)
Our Price: $16.00

Applied Grammatology : Post (E-Pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys)
by Gregory L. Ulmer
Our Price: $16.95

The Architecture of Deconstruction : Derrida's Haunt
by Mark Wigley
Our Price: $15.96

Confrontations : Derrida/Heidegger/Nietzsche
by Ernst Behler, Steven Taubeneck (Translator)
Our Price: $13.56

Deconstruction and Criticism
by Harold Bloom, William Golding, Geoffrey H. Hartman, Jacques Derrida
Our Price: $17.95

Deconstruction and Pragmatism
by Simon Critchley (Editor), Jacques Derrida, Ernesto Laclau, rich Rorty, Chantal Mouffe (Editor)
Our Price: $15.19

by Christopher Norris
Our Price: $14.95

Derrida & the Political
by Richard Beardsworth
Our Price: $22.99

Derrida : Deconstruction from Phenomenology to Ethics
by Christina Howells
Our Price: $21.95

Derrida and Deconstruction
by Hugh J. Silverman (Editor)
Our Price: $23.99

Derrida and Indian Philosophy
by Harold Coward
Our Price: $18.95

Derrida for Beginners
by Jim Powell, Van Howell (Illustrator)
Our Price: $9.56

A Derrida Reader : Between the Blinds
by Peggy Kamuf (Editor), Jean-Francois Lyotard
Our Price: $25.00

Dialogue and Deconstruction : The Gadamer-Derrida Encounter
by Diane P. Michelfelder (Editor), Richard E. Palmer (Editor)
Our Price: $21.95

Ecart & Difference : Merleau-Ponty and Derrida on Seeing and Writing
by M. C. Dillon (Editor)
Our Price: $14.80

Ethics-Politics-Subjectivity : Essays on Derrida, Levinas and Contemporary French Thought
by Simon Critchley
Our Price: $16.00

The Fate of Art : Aesthetic Alienation from Kant to Derrida and Adorno
by Jay M. Bernstein
Our Price: $17.95

Introducing Derrida
by Jeff Collins, Bill Mayblin (Illustrator), Richard Appignanesi (Editor)
Our Price: $8.76

Jacques Derrida
by Geoffrey Bennington (Translator), Jacques Derrida
Our Price: $16.00

Of Derrida, Heidegger, and Spirit
by David Wood (Editor)
Our Price: $17.95

Philosophy and Freedom : Derrida, Rorty, Habermas, Foucault
by John McCumber
Our Price: $15.16

Postmodern Platos : Nietzsche, Heidegger, Gadamer, Strauss, Derrida
by Catherine H. Zuckert
Our Price: $19.95

The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida : Religion Without Religion
by John D. Caputo
Our Price: $15.96

Prophets of Extremity : Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida
by Allan Megill
Our Price: $17.95

Reconsidering Difference : Nancy, Derrida, Levinas, and Deleuze
by Todd May
Our Price: $19.95

Structuralism and Since : From Levi Strauss to Derrida
by John Sturrock (Editor)
Our Price: $9.95

The Tain of the Mirror : Derrida and the Philosophy of Reflection
by Rodolphe Gasche
Our Price: $18.95

Wittgenstein and Derrida
by Henry Staten
Our Price: $15.00


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