"The knife of historical relativism...which has cut to pieces all metaphysics and religion must also bring about healing. Only we need to be thorough. We have to make philosophy itself an object of philosophical concern."

"The human being knows itself only in history, never through introspection; indeed, we all seek it in history. Or, to put it more generally, we seek what is human in it, such as religion, and so on. We want to know what it is. If there were a science of human beings it would be anthropology that aims at understanding the totality of experience through structural context. The individual always realizes only one of the possibilities in its development, which could always have taken a different turning whenever it has to make an important decision. The human being is only given to us at all in terms of its realized possibilities."
                                                                                                                                    - Wilhelm Dilthey


Dilthey at Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience
"Introduction to the Human Sciences" by Wilhelm Dilthey
"'To Be Alive When Something Happens': Retrieving Dilthey's Erlebnis" by John Arthos
"Explanation in the Hermeneutic Science" by Andrew Brook
"Expanding Hermeneutics" by Don Ihde
"Explanation and Understanding in the Human Sciences" by Mullen
"Key Concepts: Hermeneutics" by James Phillips
"Cultural Studies as Geisteswissenchaften? Time, Objectivity, and the Future of Social Science" by Richard E. Lee
"Objectivity, Truth, and Method, A Philosopher's Perspective on the Social Sciences: Commentary" by Daniel Little
"The Rediscovery of the Human Mind" by Rom Harré
"Tectonics After Virtuality: Re-turning to the Body" by Julio Bermudez & Robert Hermanson
"World Views: From Fragmentation to Integration" by Aerts, Apostel, De Moor, Hellemans, Maex...
"Alfred Baeumler on Hölderlin and the Greeks" by Frank H. W. Edler
"Models of Historical Interpretation" by Steven Alan Samson
"From Petit to Langpo" by Gabriel Gudding
"Croce in America: Influence, Misunderstanding, and Neglect" by David D. Roberts
"Between Wert and Wissen: A Future for the Three Cultures?" by Richard E. Lee
"The Place of Biography in Oral History"
"How to Think About Secularism" by Wolfhart Pannenberg


Hermeneutics and the Study of History (Selected Works/Wilhelm Dilthey, Vol 4)
by Wilhelm Dilthey, Rudolf A. Makkreel (Editor), Frithjof Rodi (Editor)
Our Price: $70.00

Introduction to the Human Sciences : An Attempt to Lay a Foundation for the Study of Society and History
by Wilhelm Dilthey, Ramon J. Betanzos (Editor)
Our Price: $25.95

Introduction to the Human Sciences : Selected Works of William Dilthey
by Rudolf A. Makkreel (Editor), Frithjof Rodi (Contributor), Wilhelm Dilthey
Our Price: $26.95

Poetry and Experience (Selected Works/Wilhelm Dilthey, Vol 5)
by Wilhelm Dilthey, Frithjof Rodi (Editor), Rudolf A. Makreel
Our Price: $26.95

Dilthey : Philosopher of the Human Studies
by Rudolf A. Makkreel
Our Price: $22.00

The Dawn of Historical Reason : The Historicality of Human Existence in the Thought of Dilthey, Heidegger and Ortega Y Gasset (American University st)
by Howard N. Tuttle
Our Price: $51.95

Dilthey and the Narrative of History
by Jacob Owensby
Our Price: $35.00

Dilthey Today
by H.P. Rickman
Our Price: $49.95

Heidegger, Dilthey, and the Crisis of Historicism : History and Metphysics in Heidegger, Dilthey, and the Neo-Kantians
by Charles R. Bambach
Our Price: $47.50


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